The Papilio Way

The Papilio Way

Why Papilio?

As the Latin word for butterfly, ‘Papilio’ is symbolic of transformation and growth, and representative of our belief that every child is beautifully unique.

It is our mission to inspire your child to spread their wings through a journey of self-discovery, supporting them to be the best they can be - now, and laying the foundations for a successful future of lifelong learning.

Papilio centres promote a child-driven approach to early learning that fosters individuality. Our experienced and dedicated educators are responsive to each child’s unique interests and talents and tailor our learning programs and environment to encourage these magic developmental moments.

We genuinely want to see your child succeed and will go over-and-above as we empower them to realise their full potential. At Papilio, you can be confident your child will receive the highest quality early years education, delivered by a team of passionate professionals, using a variety of stimulating extracurricular activities and learning resources.

Our values are expressed in the everyday things we do


Creativity is at the very heart of our learning programs, environment, resources and teams. We facilitate every opportunity to inspire creativity in children, empowering them to explore their own interests and talents. This is when we uncover those magical learning moments when a child achieves something new for the first time.


The mind of a child is a colourful and exciting world. We foster each child’s uniqueness through the many opportunities we create for imaginative play, which greatly enhances their learning, development, confidence and sense of identity.


We strongly believe that every child has the right to receive high quality education and care, regardless of their abilities, backgrounds or needs. Papilio centres offer a welcoming and inclusive environment that embraces a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, celebrating different languages and traditions from around the world.


We want to see the children in our care bursting with health and vitality! Papilio promotes a strong focus on the health and wellbeing of your child to ensure they have the foundations to thrive. Quality nutrition and exercise help maintain healthy bodies and happy minds to support a busy, active day of learning and play. We educate children about health and wellbeing to instil healthy habits from an early age that will assist with their future journey of lifelong learning.


It is important to us to look after our environment for future generations. We practice sustainability initiatives at our centres and educate children about sustainability as part of their day-to-day lives. We make learning fun and promote a healthy appreciation of our natural environment.

Affinity Education Group

Our centre is part of an Australia-wide network of early learning centres owned and operated by Affinity Education Group. There are more than 150 early learning centres across Australia.

Affinity Education Group’s primary focus is to provide children in our care with the highest standard early education programs, through the provision of localised education programs that align with the relevant curriculum requirements in each state.

Regardless of the centre or brand, every Affinity child is cared for equally and given the same opportunities to shine. Affinity educators are leaders in the early childhood education field, and partner with parents of children in our care to create positive outcomes for each child.

Affinity has a clear vision to see each of the shining stars within our care grow up to be inspiring, capable, confident individuals who tread a continuous path of learning. We all strive to achieve this by bringing out the magic of kids in everything we do. That’s the Affinity Way.

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