Giving Back to the Community

It's important to introduce community concepts to children at an early age, to develop an understanding of a team environment, giving back to the community, creating a sense of belonging for all and contributing to the longevity of the local community.​

Giving back to the community is an important part of growing up. Not only does becoming a more active member of the community help with developing respect and understanding for different people and lifestyles, it also creates a sense of accomplishment in children for having helped people in need.

At Papilio we have sustainability stations at each foyer for parents to donate recycled materials, vegetable and herb garden on each level with worm farms which the our chef contributes by placing kitchen compost in and ECO bins in each classroom to encourage the children how to recycle.

Find out more about our programs including in the standard daily fee by visiting our centre, or calling 1800 CHILD CARE.